TVIn almost every American home, there is a TV. And it is used everyday, for at least an hour. The television has revolutionized mass communication, and is the primary target for big companies for advertising their products. You might be a regular watcher, especially if you stay at home most of the time.

So you’ll want TVs in all areas of your house where you are likely to spend a lot of the time. If you are a housewife, you are likely to spend a lot of your time in the kitchen. So you’ll need a kitchen TV. Watching while cooking can really reduce the stress.

Of course the latest trend is LCD and Plasma. You will not want a CRT filling up a ton of your space. Depending on how big your kitchen is, you can buy a television of a suitable size. Standard LCDs range from 14 inches to 52 inches in size. Of course, if you don’t have a television of such a size in a place like your living room, you are surely not going buy such a thing for where you cook. If you are buying a television below 32 inches, you needn’t even consider plasma as an option, because it is not available at sizes lower than that.

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You can hang it on the wall or you can buy special flip and swivel TV. If its big enough, you can hang it on the ceiling. You need to place the it in the right place, where you can get the most comfortable view. As far as the majority of the public is concerned, the wall is the best place to place yours. It allows easier and better viewing.

There are various brands to choose from, including Sony, Hitachi, Samsung, LG, etc. By doing a bit of browsing and comparing, you can find the brand with the features you really need. And since its for the kitchen, size is an important factor to overlook.

Of late, in the market, there has been a craze for High-Definition Televisions (HDTVs), which give you unmatched detail in all kinds of video. They are normally a bit big, around 45 inches. But there are select manufacturers who make small HDTVs, like around 25 inches. HDTVs provide the most enhanced viewing ever possible, and each is worth every penny it costs.

So it is up to you to choose the right brand, the right size and the right type, like widescreen, as in HDTVs and normal ones, and if it is going to be CRT (not advisable), LCD or Plasma for yours. You have a few but important choices to make and get the best viewing. Kill the stress of cooking and get a Kitchen TV.

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